Monday, February 02, 2009

Save the birds

What to do if you find a sea bird on the beach exhausted after a Winter storm?
Try to recover the bird without panicking it, touching it as little as possible with your bare hands, and put it in a cardboard box with newspaper. This will help it to de-stress.
If you are in Calvados you should telephone M. Gérard Bertran at the Dame Blanche, a small country wildlife park at St Julien de Mailloc near Orbec in the pays d’Auge 02 31 63 91 70.
If you are in the Manche, Nicole Girard acts as coordinator. Her number in Cherbourg is 02 33 22 93 02.

Read more in the February issue of the Rendezvous magazine, on sale now.

Photo of a rescued gannet sent by Robin Rundle,
Groupe ornithologique normand

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