Saturday, February 09, 2013

Snowdrops. 2013.

We have a sea of snowdrops this year.

My dog Strelka loves to pose for pictures. He barged into this one.

Some clusters are incredibly thick and bursting with life.

Here's what A Bad Witch's Blog writes about snowdrops in folklore:
The first sight of snowdrops growing wild represents the passing of sorrow. In various religions, they are a sign from the gods that good times will come once more. According to one Christian tale, an angel turned falling snowflakes into flowers to give Adam and Eve a sign of hope after evicting them from the Garden of Eden.

However, in some folklore, snowdrops are seen as unlucky. The reason for this is perhaps that they often grow in cemeteries and churchyards. Along with other white flowers, superstition says it is courting disaster to bring snowdrops into the house. To do so is to invite death into the home, can mean the parting of a loved one and, in the west country, is thought to cause eggs to turn addled. One should never even pick wild snowdrops, especially from a graveyard.

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